Monday, May 23, 2016

B1 B Lancer Tina Sprout Itasha

Im back with new Itasha.Is it my first Bomber Itasha and my first large aircraft itasha.
i didn't post anything after releasing F 15 itasha because i running out of idea.Yeah,i have some itasha have been done before,but not released soon.Now i decided to release one of my Aircaft Itasha B1 B Lancer.its has been long time i didn't make itasha and i hope i can back after final examination and back to making itasha again and didn't lost my skill.

Stealing is forbidden.please,respect the author.
here link for this mod :
-B1 B Lancer (plane) : Grand Theft Airstrike/GTAinside (SkylineGTRFreak)
-B1 B Lancer Tina Sprout Itasha (Itasha) : Download (AzuroSR04/ASR04)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

F 15 S/MTD Sento Isuzu Itasha

before i upload Attacker,now here is fighter
Preview : 

If you want,here link for download:
Itasha : Download (ASR04)
Plane : Download (SkylineGTRFreak)

SU 34 Fullback Yuudachi Itasha

Hy,I'm back with 2 new itasha for fighter and attacker plane
you can see them here for attacker :

if you want,you can get here :
Itasha Link : Download (ASR04)
Plane Link : Download  (SkylineGTRFreak)
problem fixed.
i'm sorry for problem in this mod.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

F 22 Raptor Ryuuhou Itasha

after long time not make itasha,now,i make again.For now,i release my itasha for F 22 Raptor.

Itasha Link : Download
Plane link :
-SkylineGTRFreak : From Skyline Blog
-Gtainside : Download

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lamborghini Reventon Sendai Itasha

hey guys,it my first post on blog.its first time i used blog.
Itasha for alfREN Z reventon

link for itasha : Download

link for car :

My Itasha in gtainside :
-CFA 44 Yatogami Tohka : Download
-P996 Rachel Alucard : Download
-F14 D Purple Heart : Download
-CFA 44 Iona : Download
-Lamborghini Murcielago Yamato : Download
-Lamborghini Aventador Chaika : Download